PRVN Strength Program - 10 Week


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This 10-week strength program was designed and utilized for the preparation of the 2019 Crossfit Games.

You will build on your "Crossfit Total" movements. Back Squat, Strict Press and Deadlift. 

Each year this program evolves through the learning and the input from Tia-Clair. We are extremely proud of our programs and many people have experienced astonishing results. (Visit our website for the testimonials) 

The goal of this program is to help you build strength, and the ability to move heavier loads for multiple reps.

Most days you’ll have two main lifts and 1-2 accessory components to compliment. You may run this program alongside a functional fitness or other training programs. 

We’re excited to follow you through this 10-week journey of building your strength.

Equipment List:

1. Barbell

2. Bumper plates

3. Squat rack

4. GHD or ab mat

5. Plyo box

6. Dumbbells

7. Resistance band

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