PRVN Squat Program - 8 Week


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This program forms a part of the training designed to develop Tia’s pure strength in her lead up to the Commonwealth Games and to boost her strength throughout the Crossfit Open.

We have utilised many accomplished squat programs in the past, though we found they never aligned with her diverse goals. So we’ve combined particular squat programs that Tia personally has trialled and tailored them to suit her goals.

There is a strong correlation between Tia’s strength and the weight/volume she can move when performing her weightlifting movements. To put that simply, the stronger Tia gets the more she lifts and that has many other supporting benefits.

We hope you enjoy our eight week squat program and we look forward to hearing about your progress.

Equipment List:

1. Barbell

2. Bumper plates

3. Squat rack

4. Resistance band

5. GHD or ab mat

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