PRVN Bodyweight Program - 6 Week

PRVN Bodyweight Program - 6 Week

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Click here to learn more about our no-equipment, 6-week PRVN bodyweight program now!

 Welcome to our 6-week Bodyweight E-Book!

We are so excited to finally provide a full body weight, ‘no equipment’, 6-week

training program for you to improve your fitness.

This program is for those who only have 30 minutes in their busy daily schedule to

work on fitness. We have custom designed a fitness program that doesn’t require

any equipment so you can do these workouts; anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

It is important that everyone can do at least 20 minutes of physical activity every

day to improve their health and fitness, regardless of their living situation.

Equipment List:

1. Plyo Box (or odd object to step up tp, e.g. chair, table, etc.)

2. Jump Rope

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