PRVN Core Program - 8 Week


Welcome to our 6 Pack Attack – 8 Week Core Program

Do you want a stronger, more defined core and improved athletic performance? The core is crucial to preventing injury, improving technique and generating force. You won’t achieve this with sit ups alone – instead, we’re offering you the chance to train your core like a champion.

That’s why we’ve put together an 8-week program that is available to athletes of all abilities, focusing on developing the strength and definition of the core. This is a 3 day per week program, with one 20-30 minute session per day. The workouts in this program are a crucial part of my training every year and, with scaling options, provide a structured and effective approach to training for everyone.

The Core Program is great for athletes of all levels and can be utilized alone, or as accessory work alongside other programming.

Equipment List

1. Med ball or slam ball

2. dumbbells or kettlebells

3. barbell

4. bumper plate

5. pull up bar

6. resistance band

7. GHD or ab mat

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