The PRVN60 Program is an easy to follow training guide to get more done in less time. A simple and effective program developed for all levels. For everyone, from beginners to advanced Each session can be completed within 1 hour No special equipment required Includes basic and advanced movements Tips to improve technique Tips for faster, more complete recovery Utilize the fundamental movements of CrossFit.

You control the intensity of each workout Consistent interaction and support from the PRVN Team via social media and email Choose your own rest days Developed by world-class trainers and atheletes.


PRVN Affiliate, preparing and motivating coaches for every session to train the General Physical Preparedness community. Built on years of knowledge of both the elite and everyday affiliate athletes, PRVN has designed the GPP Affiliate Program.

Aiming to provide an all round exceptional experience every day in the gym for both coaches and athletes. Our programming gives a goal intent for each session as well as specific guidance and technique points of performance for the day to get the most out of your athletes.


For more advanced athletes we offer competition based programming that allows you to train like the world’s fittest. This program allows you the full experience of exactly how the world’s fittest woman trains and offers greater insights into achieving peak performance at the top levels.

You will have the ability to select the desired option for your level of fitness: Lvl 3: Advanced Athletes - Sanction/Regional/Crossfit Games athletes Lvl 2: Intermediate /Advanced Athletes - Aspiring sanctional/regional athletes Lvl 1: Intermediate - Crossfit Open or fitness enthused athletes.


Improve your athletic performance with our Masters compete program. We want to give the Master’s community the opportunity to take their training to the next level by offering them competitive style programming similar to that of the athletes who follow the compete track.