PRVN Swimming Program - 8 Week


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The PRVN Swimming Program is a 8 week program that is curated towards any athlete with a fundamentals background in swimming and progresses in yardage and intensity each week. The program comes with two days a week of programming so you can easily integrate this into your normal routine. Each week has an intensity/sprint day and an endurance/distance day to develop both speed and capacity in the water.

This program begins and ends with a testing week and then follows 8 weeks of progression in between so you can measure your success and improvement. You can easily incorporate the program into your weekly fitness routine. Where you incorporate the two days of programming that this E-Book provides is up to you!

The program is designed and written to be flexible towards your needs as swimmer. Rest intervals can be adjusted up or down and so can the yardage, all at your discretion. It also does not require any equipment even though equipment is optional and suggested in the programming

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