Staying the Course: A Guide to Staying Motivated on Your Fitness Journey

Every day in affiliates all over the world people are walking into a CrossFit box for the first time. They have decided that whatever path they were on with health and wellness is not one that they want to continue with moving forward. No matter who you are, from the fittest person on earth to the final finisher in your class workout, we all start the same way. However, where that journey then takes us is completely up to one important factor. Grit.

Grit is the ability to stick to a task or a goal long after motivation withers away and we are left simply with a choice. In our case, that choice is whether or not we decide to work out. It’s a choice that asks us to choose discomfort over comfort. A choice that doesn’t give us the quick return that comfort offers. However, having the discipline to choose temporary discomfort over the immediate satisfaction that sleeping in or simply going home after work to watch tv will pay dividends in the quality of life that we will enjoy. So to help along the way, here are a few tools that we can use to keep going.

Set Process Based Goals

  • Avoid outcome-based goals (e.g., losing 25 pounds).
  • Establish process-based goals (e.g., attending the gym 20 times this month, following a specific diet).
  • Benefits: Control over actions, less reliance on daily weight fluctuations, and celebration of small victories.

Build a Support System

  • Surround yourself with people who respect, appreciate, and encourage your goals.
  • Create a positive environment at home by removing ultra processed foods.
  • Reduce your reliance on willpower by modifying your immediate surroundings.

Cultivate a Positive Mindset

  • Embrace a growth mindset (believing in the capacity for change) over a fixed mindset.
  • Overcome setbacks with the belief that learning and progress are continuous.

Define Your “Why”

  • Understand the deeper purpose behind your fitness journey.
  • Example: Family history of poor health and a commitment to avoiding becoming a burden to loved ones as you age.
  • Purpose acts as a powerful anchor during moments of fleeting motivation.

So remember when we start our fitness journey that it helps to set process based goals, build a support system, cultivate a positive mindset, and find your why.  The PRVN community is here to help. Join our family of like minded individuals who are all here striving to find the best version of ourselves. 

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December 27, 2023 — PRVN Fitness