About PRVN

What is PRVN?

Led by coach Shane Orr, and “Fittest Woman on Earth”, Tia-Clair Toomey, PRVN Fitness is a virtual training platform developed by the world-class athletes at team PRVN. PRVN is short for Proven; being PRVN means more than just turning up day after day. Through years of dedication and innovation, we developed mindsets and methods to achieve what had never been achieved before. Our mission is to empower as many people across the globe to reach new heights and to become PRVN. Based in Nashville, PRVN is a brand that provides the best in online programming, training e-books, and apparel.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a lifestyle designed to suit everyone, wherever you are at in your fitness journey. With safe and effective workouts designed to prepare you for everyday life, CrossFit enables athletes to accomplish their goals and achieve new levels of fitness, leading to long term healthy habits. CrossFit workouts vary each day and are able to be modified based on an athlete’s age and level of fitness. CrossFit goes beyond the workouts and creates a community of like minded people, with similar goals, to form a global support network to keep you motivated and supported. To learn more about CrossFit, please visit their website at www.crossfit.com

What Do I Get With A PRVN Subscription?

When you enroll in a PRVN subscription, you not only get access to the best in strength training and daily workouts, you also have access to our online community who helps to maintain accountability, cheer each other on, and support each other in goal achievement. Our coaches are a key part of this community and are available to answer any questions you might have pertaining to a workout, modification, or equipment substitution. Additionally, each track will have a daily video or video set to walk you through the workout and its purpose in your training.

Each track allows for a 7 day free trial of the track prior to purchase to ensure that it is the right track for you. The programming subscriptions are then charged monthly and the workouts are available to be viewed and tracked on the btwb app and website.

How Do I Get Started With PRVN?

To sign up for a PRVN track, visit our training program page and select the track you wish to follow. Once there, select ‘sign up’, then ‘sign up’ once more. This will take you to the page to input and process your payment through btwb. Your programming will then be charged monthly and is available on the btwb app and website.

Which Program Is Right For Me?

PRVN Fitness is a virtual training platform developed by the world-class athletes at team PRVN. We offer 4 different tracks to provide the perfect training program for every kind of athlete. 

PRVN Compete: For more advanced athletes who are looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit, we offer competition based programming that allows you to train like the world’s fittest. With 2-3 hours of training per day, this program allows you the full experience of exactly how the world’s fittest woman trains, prepares you for the CrossFit open, and any level thereafter, and offers greater insights into achieving peak performance at the top levels of fitness.

PRVN Masters: Improve your athletic performance with our Masters compete program. Our Masters Track gives the Master’s community the opportunity to take their training to the next level by offering them competitive style programming, similar to that of the athletes who follow the Compete Track, to best prepare you for the CrossFit Open and Age Group Qualifiers.

PRVN60: The PRVN60 program is an easy to follow training guide to get more done in less time. A simple and effective program developed for all levels and equipment availability, PRVN60 ensures you can get in and out of the gym in 60 minutes, all while reaching the goal to be your fittest self.

PRVN Affiliate: Built on years of knowledge of both elite and everyday affiliate athletes, PRVN has designed the GPP Affiliate Program. Aiming to provide an all around exceptional experience every day in the gym for both coaches and athletes, our programming sets a goal and intention for each session, as well as specific guidance and technique points of performance to get the best result for your athletes.

Our programs are available for all fitness levels and equipment variations and is best for athletes who understand the terminology of CrossFit and can perform the basic movements. And for those who want to stand on the podium. Try out a free week on our Training Programs page to see which program is right for you!

Not sure which is right for you?

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